Ashley took on this job [as Program Office Supervisor] with eagerness and the joy felt only by someone who has a true love of grammar.
— Mary Larson, Program Office Manager

In the summer of 2014, I traveled to Interlochen, Michigan, to complete an internship for my undergraduate English degree. For seven weeks, I worked as the Program Office Supervisor during Interlochen Arts Camp at Interlochen Center for the Arts, a global leader in the visual, comparative, written, and performing arts. The Program Office creates programs for over 450 events over the course of the summer. As supervisor, I oversaw a talented team and successfully completed several tasks, including editing, proofreading, organizing, and data entry.

Here's a breakdown of what I edited by the numbers:

  • 276 programs
  • 50+ artist bios
  • 6 orchestral program notes

Ten programs, a swatch that represents a variety of events: piano master classes, faculty chamber music recitals, dance events, etc.

Twenty artist bios, contrasting original (200-600 words) to edited copy (~150 words)