"Rose Hips" now live in MUSH/MUM #4

Super super stoked about <<this one>> going live for all you folks to read online

I've admired MUSH/MUM's roster for a while now, how they're deliciously pushing and subverting form in every which way. Reading that emailed acceptance as I touched down in JFK was exhilarating. I've often said this last batch of poems were like my babies, and if I had to chose one (like all bad mothers inevitably do) "Rose Hips" would be my favorite. This poem comes from a fraught (and ongoing) relation and exploration of my body, identity, and orientation as well as a long-distilled retrospect on a shitty illicit 3-time hookup. It's also a personal beloved Fuck The Captalist Imperialist Patriarchy manifesto. And like all recent poems of mine, this features a Composite Fuckboy: the combined cesspool of deceit and late night texts. Oh, and where would this poem (or I for that matter) be rn were it not for reading Karyna McGlynn's "I Can't Stop Being Performative" in the Kenyon Review summer of 2015. That piece had me thinking about narration and levels in a whole new light, a light which bathed and nurtured my own lines. 

"Rose Hips" took its own slow time to bloom and I'm so happy to share it now with y'all alongside some amazing writers in MUSH/MUM #4.

hope you enjoy🌹



This weekend marks my one-month anniversary with New York City. So far I’ve managed to catch the wrong train only a handful of times (and hop the turnstile only once); explore several Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods; snag a job @ the restaurant/bar/venue that apparently launched Regina Spektor’s career (come say heyyyyy!); and find the best slice of pizza less than a mile away from my apt. 

I love the energy and pace of this city and I’m grateful to have a space and community that lets me breathe and regroup when it all gets to a boiling point. Speaking of which, super stoked for a genuine autumn season and ready to layer again. I’ve also applied to a couple internships (some paid, others not) and hoping to combine restaurant-serving with creative work. 

current art exhibit showing @ Silent Barn / Bushwick, BK

current art exhibit showing @ Silent Barn / Bushwick, BK

Other new(ish) things besides moving:

  1. cooking’ up projects that are probably too big to tackle publicly anytime soon, but they’ll marinate anyway
  2. corralling poems I don’t want to touch anymore and sending them off into the fall/winter publishing season deliberation abyss
  3. obsessing over newly found visual/performative artists and concocting Big Ideas To Someday See Through (see #1) Current obsession: Ed Atkins —> watch Depression and fall head over heels for his work
gorgeous multimedia installation,&nbsp; Lovers  by Teiji Furuhashi, seen on a Free Friday @ MoMA i.e. Disney World-Esque Mad House of the Art World&nbsp;

gorgeous multimedia installation, Lovers by Teiji Furuhashi, seen on a Free Friday @ MoMA i.e. Disney World-Esque Mad House of the Art World 

Currently listening to: Blonde / Frank Ocean (because who isn’t???)

Cheers to keeping fingers crossed on internship decisions and making rent for the rest of 2016 <3 <3 

Summer Reflections

Wow wow wow. And just like that, 5 months later, it’s over. I’ve been thinking over some words to pay respects, and I think brevity serves it best: cathartic, transformative, reaffirming, inspirational—interning with Copper Canyon Press has meant the world to me. I know I’ll be thinking back on these times again and again for years to come.

the baddest bunch of poetry publishing interns around

the baddest bunch of poetry publishing interns around

Moving to Port Townsend has taught me so much. I’m working on a large(ish) project I never would have considered/thought up if I wasn’t here. I'm opening up to newer forms and genres and creative projects. I've met some incredible people that have made this cross-country journey less isolating. I’m so fortunate I got to spend my first half of 2016 in such an amazing place. 

celebrated a poem's 1 yr by dressing it up with some pretty graphics (from "Vice")

celebrated a poem's 1 yr by dressing it up with some pretty graphics (from "Vice")

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I want to be more deliberate with my reading and reflections, especially with posting some thoughts/feels on this blog. Copper Canyon has been extremely generous and I've acquired a ton of awesome poetry books these past few months. I want to give them all the time and thought they deserve. I’m not thinking formal reviews or anything, just thoughts, favorite passages, and maybe an overall impression blurb... 

I’ll also be working like mad @ the restaurant (saving up that $$!) for the next couple months and then it’s NYC or bust (!!) Please send any and all helpful tips and/or love my way. This next move is gonna be even bigger than the last, so I'm soaking up all the good energy I can.

Hope y’all have a lovely summer! Keep grindin' out the goods and (try to) stay cool in this summer heat <3 <3

The West Really is Best

I made it! I’ve been in Port Townsend for about two weeks now and still can’t shake how overwhelmingly warm and kind everyone is. That’s sort of why this post is delayed; I didn’t know how to describe something so breathtaking. My commute to the Press is less than a mile up and down a hill and through the acres of land comprising Fort Worden. Look to the horizon and I'll see the bay crowned in mountains cutting the clear blue sky. I know, clear days in Washington? I thought I'd never see sunny skies again, but Port Townsend really is an anomaly. 

I’ve only just started to explore the grounds more. One of the most incredible sites is Memory’s Vault, a collaborative work between poet and Copper Canyon Press founder Sam Hamill and architect Richard Turner. Completed in 1988, the project is up a winding incline, tucked away from the Press and other buildings. Hamill’s poems are rendered on tall stone pillars among other stone creations like benches and even a center-stage throne. It’s a place of inner peace and quiet beauty, a refugee within the pines. 

"A Lover's Quarrel" // Sam Hamill &nbsp;

"A Lover's Quarrel" // Sam Hamill  

This upcoming winter/spring season is going to be incredible. I’m so fortunate to be able to work with an awesome team of fellow interns and staff members who have already proved to be resourceful and supportive. Our start to the season was colored with grief from the sudden passing of C. D. Wright. Although her death was a shock and tragedy to the entire Press, I feel honored to be a part of an organization that celebrates her tremendous work and timeless voice. 

I’m also working on a few projects of my own, including one multimedia text I’m very very excited about... This place is nothing short of inspirational, so I’m sure I’ll be writing more and more here. I’ll be keeping C. D. Wright’s words close to my heart:

"Poetry is the language of intensity.”

Time to light some fires and spin the smoke. 

A Second Spring

Super excited to announce my poem "How Must All God's Creatures Align in Lieu of God?" is forthcoming in the fall issue of The Lost Country. Stay tuned to view the published piece via the magazine website very soon. (Expected publication date mid/late October.)

Also stoked to read at this year's Gaines Street Fest in Tallahassee, FL. I'll be reading some of my own work (maybe some newer stuff in progress) as well as new and old favorites. Come check it out--> Saturday, November 7 at the corner of Gaines St. & Railroad Ave.

Really diggin' how The Memory Depot project is going with Max. Something's brewin'--a virtual performance, fever dreams, deep dark thoughts about customers, all of the above...

So far I've applied for 7 internships, everywhere from Portland, OR to Brooklyn, NY. The waiting game is the absolute worst and there are still so many more applications to be sent... Hoping the next couple months fly by without too much anxiety.