New year, new job

I can’t believe it’s almost been 3 months since I started my new position with Orchestra of St. Luke’s. This year has already felt so monumental to me, and it’s also just started.

As Development and Executive Assistant, I support both the development team and executive director, and so far it’s really put my multi-tasking, multi-hat-wearing skills to the test. Already in the past 3 months, I’ve worked my first Carnegie Hall concert; helped with logistics for our Gift of Music Gala at The Plaza; and felt like I make an actually impact on the landscape of classical music in the city.

OSL is a phenomenal organization whose history of innovative music making and community building within the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood and beyond is incredibly inspirational to me.

I can truly say calling OSL my workplace home is such an honor.

Who would’ve thought I’d be lucky enough to land a job with an arts org that presents a 3-week long summer Bach Festival?? If you had told me that a decade ago, I’d think it was a pipe dream—too good to be true. I mean, I was the girl with the punny “Get Off My Bach” bumper sticker on my Honda Accord. I’d drive under thick canopy trees, serenaded by fugues and partitas, loving the precision and rhythm and beauty inherent in each piece. And now look how the stars have aligned. My heart is warmed with gratitude.

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what I’m listening to:

The latest release from Third Coast Percussion: Perpetulum, which features a new commission by Philip Glass of the same name. David Skidmore’s piece on the album is also particularly impressive, and it’s been incredibly productive to write to.

what I’m reading:

just finished The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish by Katya Apekina and Leslie Feinberg’s legendary Stone Butch Blues (both so powerful and so incredibly good but cw: abuse, trauma, suicide, so pls read with caution !) and I checked out Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth from the library today, so I know I’m in for a treat


Summer Reflections

Wow wow wow. And just like that, 5 months later, it’s over. I’ve been thinking over some words to pay respects, and I think brevity serves it best: cathartic, transformative, reaffirming, inspirational—interning with Copper Canyon Press has meant the world to me. I know I’ll be thinking back on these times again and again for years to come.

the baddest bunch of poetry publishing interns around

the baddest bunch of poetry publishing interns around

Moving to Port Townsend has taught me so much. I’m working on a large(ish) project I never would have considered/thought up if I wasn’t here. I'm opening up to newer forms and genres and creative projects. I've met some incredible people that have made this cross-country journey less isolating. I’m so fortunate I got to spend my first half of 2016 in such an amazing place. 

celebrated a poem's 1 yr by dressing it up with some pretty graphics (from "Vice")

celebrated a poem's 1 yr by dressing it up with some pretty graphics (from "Vice")

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I want to be more deliberate with my reading and reflections, especially with posting some thoughts/feels on this blog. Copper Canyon has been extremely generous and I've acquired a ton of awesome poetry books these past few months. I want to give them all the time and thought they deserve. I’m not thinking formal reviews or anything, just thoughts, favorite passages, and maybe an overall impression blurb... 

I’ll also be working like mad @ the restaurant (saving up that $$!) for the next couple months and then it’s NYC or bust (!!) Please send any and all helpful tips and/or love my way. This next move is gonna be even bigger than the last, so I'm soaking up all the good energy I can.

Hope y’all have a lovely summer! Keep grindin' out the goods and (try to) stay cool in this summer heat <3 <3